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Zarfund a p2p program to earn bitcoin


Today, I’ll talk about how to make free bitcoins with this system named zarfund, in this system earning potential is huge like you can earn up to 126BTC(82000$ approx) per month by just donating 0.03BTC (18$).

It is a “P2P Direct Donation Platform”, a charity based program for organizations, non-profit
organizations, schools etc, they can use it for collecting the money for their Dream come true with this huge earning. It is so-called matrix program.

What to do in Zarfund?

You just have to make 2 referrals and these referrals should do the same. If you want to receive the donation from your downline 6 level deep, you have to send a donation to your upline who have invited you.

There is no fees for using Zarfund i.e a single penny, Zarund uses the only bitcoin as a payment system, users who send bitcoins to other users transferred directly from first users bitcoin wallet to other. So let us say it’s a scam or a Ponzi scheme and closes on a day our money will stay in our bitcoin wallets.

Now, if you want to receive donations from your downline, you have to send the donation to your upline, in simple words you have to upgrade your account to 1-Level/X-level to receive donations from your 1-Level/X-level referrals from your downline.

Just remember that when you create an account you have 24hours to upgrade to your first level, if you don’t upgrade your account in this time your account will be deleted and later you will be in someone else downline not in downline of a person who is invited you in this program, so this will be great if you upgrade in first 24hours after registering.

Don’t understand until now no problem just watch the video below and I am sure you will understand how the system works.

Don’t have bitcoins no problem here is the tutorial how to buy bitcoins

Here is a guide to zarfund

Join from the link below:Zarfund

(If you join under my refer link there is a better opportunity to earn big because my downline is full so the upcoming referrals will fill your downline)

Send the donation PLUS bitcoin wallet fees to your upline’s wallet in BTC i.e 0.03BTC $ for level 1. Recommended bitcoin wallet is


Now you need to give a proof that you send money to you upline by pasting HASH id for this transaction for thatzarfund

  • Go to:
  • Paste you upline’s bitcoin address in search bar
  • Now find transaction a long string on the next page (HASH ID)
  • Paste this Hash ID on Transaction Hash ID field
  • Click Submit

Now sit back and wait for the verifications to approve on bitcoin, it takes around 30min, after that, your account will be upgraded.



LEVEL 1 1BTC=705$

  • YOU SEND 0.03btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 2 x 0.03btc= 0.06btc
  • = 0.06btc – 0.05btc (Upgrade to Level 2)
  • = 0.01btc profit / month = $7.05


  • YOU SEND 0.05btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 4 x 0.05btc
  • = 0.2btc – 0.1btc (Upgrade to Level 3)
  • = 0.1btc profit / month = $70.5


  • YOU SEND 0.1btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 8 x 0.1btc
  • = 0.8btc – 0.2btc (Upgrade to Level 4)
  • = 0.6btc profit / month = $423


  • YOU SEND 0.2btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 16 x 0.2btc
  • = 3.2btc – 1btc (Upgrade to Level 5)
  • = 2.2btc profit / month = $1,551


  • YOU SEND 1btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 32 x 1btc
  • = 32btc – 2btc (Upgrade to Level 6)
  • = 30btc profit / month = $21,150


  • YOU SEND 2btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 64 x 2btc
  • = 128btc profit / month = $90,240

If you have any comments or quries regarding this program let me know. It is working till now and currently I am the member and making $$$. This a golden oppertunaty to make btc. One time investment is reqirement and then its go on its own ease so what are you waiting for?.

Make money with hitleap Easy money methods

Looking forward to make money with hitleap?. Well, then you are the right place. There are many ways from which you can make money with hitleap. The interesting thing is that you have to setup each method once and then it will run on autopilot. So there is no need to spend hours one-time setup lifetime money. All you have to do is to follow the steps and within a couple of days you will see the magic and you will get addicted to it.

Make money with Hitleap

It was a headache for CPM banner, link shortening companies co to identify the real traffic and the fake one. At the time of initial launch of hitleap people use it to generate fake impressions. Which results in generating lots of money. But the CPM companies look deep into it and identify the fake traffic and the real one by checking the referrer link. The main traffic source of a website is the search engine. In order to fool them that your traffic is coming from the search engine, you have to go for hitleap premium. Hitleap premium account gives you an opportunity that you can edit or modify your referrer link. This how you can make them fool and generate thousands of bucks. Let move on how actually set it up. BTW below is the premium price chart have a look on it.
Make money with hitleap

Make money with hitleap via SkillerzPTP

There is a site name skillerz ptp which will pay you for visiting their referrer link. You will get paid for each valid visit via your referrer link. The trick is that follow the steps below

  • Signup for hitleap
  • Now you have to earn minutes or buy the minutes.
  • In order to earn minutes, you have to download their application to your PC. ( available for windows/ Linux) or buy it from buy traffic tab.
  • Signup for SkrillerzPTP
  • Navigate to your dashboard and copy the promotional link.
  • Go to hitleap > my website > add new website > paste your promotional link there.
  • Wait for hitleap to generate view for you
  • Your point will convert into cash as the new month start.

Make money with hitleap via GoEasyEarn

This is another site which will pay you for visiting the promotional link. This site has the decent look. They will top up your account with $2 at the time of signup. The problem is that traffic exchange sites traffic is not allowed so you have to go to premium in order to hide your referrer link and make them fool. The minimum amount which you can cash out it $5. Let’s get into it

  • First of all signup for HitLeap
  • Download the auto surf for windows/Linux and run it in the background.
  • It will earn minutes for you
  • Signup for GoEasyEarn
  • Go to hitleap and navigate to my website then add new site then paste the promotional link there
  • wait until it reaches $5 so the cash out option will appear.

Check it out: How to make money with VPS using Hitleap

Earn Money with Hitleap via 101img

It is an image sharing site where you have to upload your photos and you will be paid for each view you bought to that photo. They also pay you for the video you upload and view for that. You can earn up to $8 per thousand impressions.

Signup for 101img

Sell Hitleap Minutes

In order to sell hitleap minutes, you must have a whole bunch of minutes at least 10k minutes to sell them online. There are many websites available online where you can sell your hitleap account. I recommend you to sell them on forums you will get best rates for it there.

Hope that the methods above will work for you If there is any problem in setting up and need additional help so comment below or use the contact us page. If you have a better way to make money with hitleap let us know we will update our article with your method with credits to you.


My advertising pays reviews (Signup Bonus)

Are you also thinking that my advertising pays is a scam ? aren’t you. One should think about this perspective because it is a sign of good working mind. Give me 5 mins and read this my advertising pays review till the end, Then decide your own whether my advertising pays is a scam? or not?. my advertising pays advertising pays review

But for now, I request you to pay attention to this review because it can definitely change your life. If you are ready so let’s begin.

In this review, I’ll cover up following points

  • Story of  Michael Deese (CEO & Founder)
  • Introduction to MAP(my advertising pays)
  • Multiple reviews and commissions with proofs
  • Testimonials
  • Questions and answers
  • Bonus of joining with my referral link ( Get one pack free on purchase of every 20 packs on signup )

Who is Mike Deese?


Mike Deese, a U.S. crisp looking Internet Marketer established in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and a Disabled U.S. Aviation based armed forces Veteran. In 2012, he met with the present administrators Tony Booth and Lynne Booth.

The Booths were searching for some bonafide guidance in the realm of internet publicizing for their window establishment organization. Around then, Mike was an entirely fruitful system blogger with years of involvement in this shady industry.

With the passage of time, Mike fabricated a sound business association with the Booth family by giving free strong guidance that created positive results.

In the mid of 2013, Mike settled on a firm choice to stop the advancement of any organization in the publicizing business, as they were all fizzling him and contaminating his picture. He vanished for 3 months. Is it true that he was arranging something new and lucrative?

Spring month of March came when the morning breeze blew over the mountains, it was the first hour of birth. Mike organized a 4-hour Skype session with the Booths where he introduced the possibility of My Advertising Pays.

It was without any shadow of the doubt a defining moment, both for Mike and the Booths. With everything taken into account, My Advertising Pays was conceived out of Mike’s dissatisfaction as he had seen many projects that felt separated.  my advertising pays reviews.

He would not like to rehash the same oversights which his rivals submitted owing to which strong plan of action of My Advertising Pays was composed that secured every last bit with immaculate science.

My Advertising Pays is an internet promoting platform that was dispatched on December 2013 by Mike Deese having its headquarter in Anguilla.  my advertising pays reviews.

It was fueled by a gathering of software engineers, master advertisers and mathematicians. It is based on a straightforward standard of enabling the clients to make the organization self-reasonable.

The organization has gathered more than 250,000+ in number individuals (as of this composition) and is becoming quickly.

My Advertising Pays offers quality publicizing items and quality administrations that can be found on their setup.

Items incorporate Banner Ads, Credit Packs and loads of different administrations that can direct people to your site.

Numerous individuals befuddle this stage as a high return speculation program (HYIP). It isn’t. The organization circulates its benefits with the taking an interest individuals.

A decent illustration is a TV news channel that offers to promote. They have numerous viewers watching their channel, so distinctive sponsors contact the news channel to show their commercial in return of some cash.

You can also purchase publicizing items in My Advertising Pays to show your promotions while getting paid for it.

Introduction to MAP

How do I make money

  • Buy credit packs (Tip: Buy as much as you can afford)
  • Click 10 ads daily( It takes max 10 mins)
  • Work done, start planning you future
  • Rinse and repeat daily
  • Wake up and check your overnight earnings
  • Click on 10 random ads on the screen
  • Buy credit packs from your earnings > €49.99
  • Enjoy the life

Encouraging features

  • Free to join …… 30 days to familiarize yourself
  • Membership levels include free banner ads each month
  • No sponsoring actually needed to make money
  • Local business owners can introduce customers
  • Fantastic advertising platform for all members
  • Entrepreneur can accelerate and earn € a million
  • Referrals are very welcome but not vital

Easy business benefits

  • Earn money three times per hour every day
  • Only 10 minutes activity per day required
  • Easy no need to refer others (optional)
  • No expensive office environment needed
  • Requires no technical knowledge
  • Quick withdrawal of your money
  • Sustainable cash flow for years to come

Will ‘MAP’ stay the course?

  • Top us legal advisory  my advertising pays reviews.
  • Check our compliance
  • Making sure we have 100% legal ethical and compliant company
  • With great in demands products

Simple facts:

  • 100% of members make money daily!
  • (conditional Only on you buying a credit pack and clicking on 10 ads daily )
  • The more credit packs you own the more you earn
  • Optional referring and withdrawing
  • If primetime membership you get paid for referring others … BIG TIME!! (Up to 10% of every product they purchase for life)
  • Whatever money in your account balance, you can draw it out (Monday – Friday). Spend it any way you like
  • Fastest payout in the industry
  • Pays into your account Three-time an hour 72 times a day
  • Money for everybody – Fast! my advertising pays review
  • You get paid real cash into your available account balance
  • Three-times every hour
  • You can withdraw cash daily or use it to repurchase credit to multiply your ongoing earnings
  • A popular strategy is to continue repurchasing until your account reaches the limit of 1000 credit packs
  • Numbers … A Popular Stretchy my advertising pays review

Example case:

If starts with 100 packs €49.99 each, it costs totally €4999.00 ( assume earning of approximately €0.5 per day of each credit pack)

After 120 days I earn €60 per credit pack, that is

Bonus Features

  • Free marketing features
  • Helps you invite friends
  • Accelerate your income
  • Make it all very easy
  • Personal development library
  • Good selection of powerful books
  • Free to use by everybody
  • Set up for your life …  Easy!

My advertising pays Reviews

Danny Turner

Today I going to give my testimonial about MAP. I have been in the company called my advertising pays since may 2014.  my advertising pays reviews.


In my opinion, MAP is the best program to invest money & earn money at home. I have never seen such system before but now I am in love with it. It was first introduced to me by one of my online friend Azam Riaz. I started it with an initial investment of 25 packs and now I am at 1200 packs. my advertising pays review

It changes my world, now I don’t have to work hard to get luxury it takes only 10 mins a day to achieve my goals of life. I recommend you all get into it. I am challenging you. You will never find a better option. I have earned at least $37,000 by this program. Recently I earned $5,000 through it.


Lady Vitalia


My advertising pays review by Fazal Elahi

I have produced over $21,000 in earnings plus $2,000 through referral commission. In my opinion, MAP is the best opportunity for one who actually wants to earn money. MAP also have referral programs and I love referrals but don’t go for quantity of referral goes for quality. I believe that 1 active referral is better than 100 inactive referrals. Make referrals if you want to do big it will help you a lot to achieve 1200 packs in no time. My inbox is flooded with referral notifications.


Jeremy Page

My advertising pays is 100% legit. They are the game changer frankly speaking join them now. Frankly speaking, 100% people are making money through it. I suggest you buy packs as much as you can I hate those who think small. Don’t start if you are thinking to start with 2 packs at least start from 10 pack but it’s better to go with 20 it will give you better results. Although doing something is better than nothing.  my advertising pays reviews.

pageClaire Hartman James


My advertising pays review by Hadi Hassan

I thought that making money through the internet is a scam but later on, my thoughts totally changed. When I saw my cousin he was working on the internet to make his living. I can’t resist myself to ask him that how is he doing that?. He told me about MAP and told that you have to invest money in it in order to get a return. It was very hard to believe in him although I saw how easily he is earning his bread.  I make a hard decision to invest my savings. Today I say it was one of my brilliant decision. I suggest you start with at least 20 packs so you will make progress fast. my advertising pays reviews.

Testimonials from MAP members around the globe my advertising pays review

Mario P. from Italy


Stephane from Canada


Gerhard from Austria


Frans from Netherlands


Andrew from the UK


Nisha from India


Joze from Slovenia


Maqsood from Pakistan


Agnes from the United States

united states


Bahar from Turkey



Serkan from Germany


Jessica from Switzerland


Eric from Poland


Kusum from South Africa  my advertising pays reviews.


Yann from France


Frances from Spain my advertising pays review


Christian from Egypt



Ingvi from Iceland


Jorge from Brazil


Ljubomir from Yugoslavia


Eddiong from Nigeria


Pat from Ireland


Neville From United Arab Emirates my advertising pays review



Ali from Mauritius


Thomas from Kenya


Abdou from Morroco


Tetuauni from French Polynesia

French polysenia

Asaf from Afghanistan


Jhon from Tanzania



Questions & Answers

I know you must have a bunch of questions rising in your head but here is the solution. I have an eBook, download it for free from the link given below. After reading this ebook you will definitely get the answers of all of your questions. However if you have any other question not answered in the eBook use the comment box below I’ll answer you ASAP. Bonus inside the eBook.  my advertising pays reviews.

Click here to download the ebook now

My advertising pays reviews bonus

Make Money With VPS | Method You Never Heard Before

Make Money With VPS New Trick

Make money with VPS, today am going to reveal a totally new method that I have developed. This method lets you earn hundreds of dollars and this method only required one-time setup and some investment.

Make Money With VPS


In order to earn money with VPS using this method, you need to invest a little but don’t worry it will give your money back within a month.

  1. Domain (.com is preferred)
  2. hosting
  3. VPS


I am quite a bit sure that you have never heard this method before. So now moving to the method that how to make money using VPS.

Step 1: Buy domain and Hosting

First of all, you have to buy a domain and hosting. The cost of the wp hosting varies from company to company. There are various domain and hosting service providers you can go for any of them some are listed below. These are the cheapest but trusted 🙂

Step 2: Buy VPS

After getting a domain and hosting then you have to buy windows VPS. The cost of a VPS server depends on the configuration and varies from company to company.  These are a few sites listed below which provide quality windows VPS. I have listed from the cheapest to the highest all these are trusted. I am recommending you Linux server because it is easy to use and handy.

Step 3: Apply for ad network

Install WordPress on your domain. Write 10 quality post on any topic of minimum 300 words. Copy and paste from anywhere. But I recommend you to write it your own in order to get approved from the advertising company. Try the first one Yllix if you don’t want to go into the headache of approval.

  1. Pop Ads ( Best rates )
  2. Adcash
  3. Pop Cash
  4. Exo click

Step 4: Drive traffic

Then in the mean time download and install Hitleap on your VPS server. Set visiting time 10 sec. Add the URL of your posts you have written. Run the program on the VPS. It runs all days and night without any interruption. HitLeap not working for getting traffic go to the link below and try new websites.

Free website traffic generator [ 4 websites with auto surf ]

Step 5: Collection time 🙂

As these sites give a minimum of  $3/1000 impressions. One day contains 86400 seconds. So if every visit created by the software you installed on your VPS is of 10 seconds. You got 8640 impressions per day. That means 3*8= 24 you can earn approx $24 daily. $168 a week $720 a month. This is the minimum amount that you can earn through it.

Hope you guys earn thousands of bucks from it wishing you all the best. If you have any queries about that then let me know. Make money with VPS

eBay easy make money online guide

eBay easy make money online guide


In this guide, I’ll be explaining drop shipping and how to do it effectively! This guide can make you a lot of money with no effort. All you have to do is list an item and you make a lot of money.

Drop shipping is a technique in which the retailer does not keep the goods their own but instead they transfer customer’s order and shipment details to the manufacturer or the wholesaler, then the wholesaler ships the goods at their addresses. The retailer makes the profit by the difference in the price of wholesale
You list item > Buyer buys item > You give buyers address to wholesale manufacturer> Manufacturer ships goods to buyer
This works as you put a profit margin for yourself.
So where are we going to get the stock so cheap from? Wholesalers obviously! Most of the wholesalers that we are going to use are going to be Chinese wholesalers.
This is a list that I have compiled of wholesalers that I recommend:

For this guide, I’m going to use my favourite! Therefore, I recommend you use otherwise you’ll need to try and interpret this information for your particular site.

Set Up – Account on eBay

1. Register on the site you have chosen.

2. Check your email for a confirmation link and confirm your account

3. Done!

Set Up – Choosing a product to sell on eBay

This is a very important part of this process! If you choose a very popular product it will sell!
Ok so… how do we do it? Well, research is involved, do your own research ask your friends that what they buy on eBay. Some wholesalers have a list for you already, like made in china: Click on what’s hot!

ebay 2
So … after you have chosen a product you need to check the pricing! And the how many lots you need to buy.
If you see a price that’s incredible! There’s a catch, you can’t buy 1 product at a time you need buy a lot of products!
As you can see with this image there is a grey subtext which says:

“(10 items per lot)”
What does this mean? This means that you would have to buy 10 lots for 1180.40! You can not use this for my method, dropshipping.
What you are looking for is something like this



As you can see in this image there is no grey subtext, this means that you can drop ship this item 1 piece at a time!
Now you may have noticed that the items here are really cheap! The reason for this is that the items that are on these sites are normally fake items they look like the originals, however, they are not!
There’s no need to be worried, nothing will happen if you follow my guide directly!

Set Up – eBay

Alright, we’re now on the main part! The part that will make us a lot of money!
First of all, you’ll need an account on Ebay
After you’ve created an account on eBay or logged into an existing account, we are going to list the item!

1. Click on “sell” on the top right of your screen.

2.You should see something like this

3. Type in what you’re going to sell on eBay into the box and click start selling
4. Fill in everything according to the item you want to sell

Here are some tips for listing your auctions:
For the title do not put the company name such as Nintendo, apple etc. This goes against copyright and if eBay sees this they will unlist your auction!. For the description, you can either copy and paste the wholesalers description or write your own description! Remember you need to include images to make it look visually effective! Remember that you have to list that the item is fake, put it in a small font and try not to draw attention to it! Even better put it under an image! – For the price, it shouldn’t be too high because people won’t buy it, and it shouldn’t be too low because people wouldn’t believe that it’s true. Remember you want to make a profit so put it higher than the wholesale price!. Shipping: set it as worldwide and free.

Set Up – Wholesale on eBay

OK so after you sell the item what do you do?

1. Go back to the wholesale site… and add the product to the cart!

2. You will see your item in the cart and a text box under it so that you can type in your specifications eg. Colour, size etc. (If you are using another wholesaler there should be a way to contact the wholesaler

3. Choose PayPal as checkout

4. There will be a new page where you can enter all the delivery info. Submit the eBay buyer’s info. Enter a random phone number, all 000s they won’t check this. Choose EMS as shipping!

5. Click buy/purchase.

6. Go on eBay and mark your item as shipped!

This method is white hat and 100% legal. Hope you like this method and is helpful to you. If you have any questions so use comment box.