Motochopper zip download universal rooting tool

Motochopper zip download link is below. It is a universal android rooting tool or exploits. This tool will root your android phone within 1 or 2 mins. You don’t have to worry about anything just follow the steps it will result in successfully rooting your android phone. This tool is tested on various devices including Motorola droid Razor M, Max Hd, Atrix HD and multiple others. This tool may not work on Lg Optimus fx series.

Disclaimer: This will likely void the warranty of your phone. I am not responsible for any damage caused on your phone using this tool.

Android Rooting tool


  • Enable USB debugging on your android phone.
  • Installed ADB drivers on your PC.
  • Installed latest USB drivers
  • Connected via USB to the PC ( ladybug type icon appears in the status bar of your phone if have successfully connected to your PC and USB debugging mode is enabled)

Let’s Begin

I hope that this method works fine for you best of luck.

  • Download Motochopper zip from here
  • Extract the zip file on you computer
  • Open the folder where you have extracted it.
  • Double click on adb.exe file it will run and quit automatically within 2 seconds
  • Now Double click on run.bat file ( a black colored window appears with white text on it)motochopper
  • Press any key to start rooting process
  • Hang on until for a while until it roots your phone (Usually, it roots your android phone within 2 min however it may not take any longer than 5 mins)
  • To check your android phone is rooted or not find an app your android phone named as superuser or SU or supersu.


It is a universal android rooting tool. Unable to root your android phone using this method check out one click root method. One Click root method will definitely root your mobile in no time

If you have any problems during rooting your android phone use the comment section below or contact us page. Comments are most welcome. I’ll answer your queries ASAP.

Password list.txt download dictionary text file in one click

Password list.txt


Password list.txt approx 14 million passwords dictionaries. Download dictionary text file contains hundreds of thousands of password which can be used by various tools. This file is provided for positive use such as to know the strength of your own password by testing it with download dictionary text file provided down passwordpassword list.txt download dictionary text file.txt

**Disclaimer**download password.txt 

I am not promoting cracking or similar. Use these dictionaries to check vulnerability in your own password. Using these dictionaries for hacking and cracking purpose is strictly not recommended. These are provided for educational purposes. I am not responsible in case of any damage to you or anyone else by you.

Download dictionary text file

Download Havij cracked letest without survey in one click

download havij

Download Havij

SQL injection through Havij pro:

Download havij pro. SQL is a  Structured Query Language and a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS), or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS). As everything is not to perfect so there a few vulnerabilities in SQL through which we can get into the database of anyone. There are Google dorks through which we can test our URL’S that is it vulnerable to SQL injection if you want to check it your own so you can go with my article on Google dorks, this is an article contain approx 2000 dorks.Btw I was talking about SQL injection through Havij. There are a few open source programs available on the internet which can conduct automated SQL injection and Havij pro is one of them. But you want to test your own skills you can also conduct manual through SQL map or WPscan. But if you are the not a pro but want to conduct SQL injection so you can use Havij pro for this purpose.

In order to conduct SQL injection you have to find SQL vulnerable websites but here is a bonus point for my readers that I have already had a post on SQL vulnerable websites list so you can look there for this. Then you have to just copy and paste the URL into the URL box of Havij and just hit analyze button after hitting the analyze button SQL injection will be the piece of cake for you.

It is pretty easy to use so try it your own. I believe that trying the thing your own so it will be better for you. Even I am a self-thought however if you have any difficulty in using it so do make a comment below the post so ill post reply as soon as possible. You can download Havij pro from the download link below.

Havij Pro:

Havij is developed by Persian hacker team better known as ITSEC team. This tool is popular till date because it is an easy way to check a website vulnerable link in just a matter of seconds. It is better than to conduct an automated SQL injection rather than to make a manual injection which can cost up to 5 to 10 mins. Havij is capable of finding login page of any website and also can crack md5 hashes in few mins so it is a very handy tool for newbies even for pro too. It is also a secure software which will never let you caught so for this purpose you can set the manual proxy. Download Havij pro  by the link below.

Download Havij pro:

Download Havij pro by clicking the download button below and grab it.

If you need SQL vulnerable websites so click here.

Disclaimer: This is only for educational purpose only. Any problem, harm or issue caused by this tool to you or anyone other, I am not responsible for this, in any case, do use this tool at your own risk, happy hacking 🙂